What makes a number plate illegal?

It’s a common question, how can a number plate be made illegal?  Well, this guide will explain how what you’d like on a plate may not be allowed.

Remember, motorists driving with illegal number plates could be fined up to £1,000 and face an MOT failure.  With this in mind, maybe that cheap or highly customisable option on a well-known auction site isn’t such a good idea.


An example of an illegal number plate

An example of an illegal number plate


Illegal borders or flags?

Illegal twin line borders or even a border touching the Euro flag area can make your reg plate illegal.  Personalised flags or symbols aren’t acceptable and remember the GB text of the flag should be the same colour as the plate it is attached to.


The only acceptable flag options on British number plates

The only acceptable flag options on British number plates


Want your own style?

If you’re looking to express yourself on a number plate, there’s plenty of reasons why this would make it illegal.  From incorrect colours, positions, spacing (a common request) or even a different font – these all make your plate illegal.

Bare in mind that any background marking or trade name other than a registered manufacturer will invalidate your plate too.


Is a poor number plate illegal?

In a nutshell yes.  If it’s damaged that’s a problem for your MOT but what else?  Just making a number plate poorly can make it illegal so make sure the plates have been properly made and there’s nothing laminated that will make it come apart later on.  Always check for the BSAU mark in the bottom right-hand corner too.  If it isn’t there, it isn’t legal so don’t chance it.


Can you help me with this?

Absolutely – by ordering our road legal number plates you can be sure that you’re good to go.  Providing you can provide all of the correct documentation, we can get your number plate to you next day if you need it.

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