Ring 12v Trade Boxed Bulb Stand (180 Bulbs)


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Boxed bulb stand for trade use. Provides 180 of the fastest moving 12V bulb references. Makes it easy to select the correct bulb in a busy professional workshop. Wall-mounted quick reference and access.

Contains the most popular 12V bulbs for a wide range of cars, vans and other vehicles. Includes original quality headlamps and small bulbs. All Ring’s bulbs are ECE Reg 37 approved and road legal where relevant.

12v bulb stand includes the following stock:

Quantity Part code Description
10 RB380 12v 21/5w OSP BAY15d Stop & Tail Bulb
10 RB382 12v 21w SCC BA15s Stop/Flasher Bulb
10 RB581 12v 21w OSP BAU15s Flasher (Amber) Bulb
13 RB501 12v 5w Capless W2.1X9d Side & Tail
13 RB239 12v 5w Festoon S8.5d 11 x 38mm Bulb
13 RB233 12v 4w MCC BA9S Side & Tail Bulb
13 RB245S 12v 10w SCC BA15s Side & Tail (Tubular) Bulb
13 RB207S 12v 5w SCC BA15s Side & Tail (Tubular) Bulb
13 RB209 12v 5w SBC BA15d Side & Tail Bulb
13 RB501A 12v 5w Amber Wedge Side Repeater Bulb
13 RB269 12v 10w Festoon S8.5d 11 x 30mm Bulb
13 RB286 12v 1w Capless W2X4.6d Indicator & Panel Bulb
6 R472 12v 60/55w H4 P43t Halogen Headlamp Bulb
10 R448EQ 12v 55w H1A P14.5s Halogen Headlamp (Low UV/Plastic Headlamp) Bulb
10 R453 12v 55w H3 PK22s Halogen Headlamp Bulb
7 R477 12v 55w H7 PX26d Halogen Headlamp (Complex Surface/Plastic Headlamp)

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